Frequently Asked Questions

What is Domiciliary/Home Care?

Domiciliary care, known as home care is a flexible and cost-effective way to keep you or a loved one safe and independent in their own home. Visits can range from 30 minutes to full 24-hour live-in care.

Why choose Community Care Team?

We are a well-established, leading Home Care Company since 1992. We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). They closely monitor our services, leadership, training, and the overall quality of the care we provide. This ensures that the support we provide is safe, responsive and effective, whilst doing what we and your care plan say we will. We are contracted providers for Lancashire County Council Social Service, and we are inspected and monitored by them.

We have a caring, highly trained and trusted team, this is achieved through comprehensive training, regularly spot checks and support given to all our staff.

What can the support workers do?

Support Workers can support you to live independently in your own home, whether that be helping with personal care, medication, cooking, companionship, cleaning and/ or shopping.

What if I can’t answer the door?

If you cannot answer your front door due to poor mobility, then contact your social worker to arrange for a key safe to be safely fitted. Only the Support Workers attending to your needs will have access to your key safe number and location.

What if I have a fall?

If you are injured or if you cannot get up without assistance, the Support Worker will always call the paramedics. Support Workers can never lift you as they must not put you or themselves at risk of injury. The Support Worker will inform the office, and your Next of Kin if required.

What if my Support Worker becomes ill?

We will always allocate another Support Worker if your allocated Support Worker becomes ill or cannot attend due to unforeseen circumstances.

What do I do if I need to cancel a visit?

If you need to cancel a visit, please phone the office during the hours of 7:00am- 22:00pm, to inform them as soon as you know you’re visit is not needed.

Can I change my call?

If your Support Worker is arranged through social services then you need to contact them with your request. If you are private funded then please contact the office staff between 08:30am- 4:30pm. We will endeavor to meet changes where possible, however there may be a wait until a time slot becomes available.  

Will I receive the same Support Worker?

We always aim to provide continuity of Support Workers by allocating the same group of staff. Unfortunately, there may be times were this may change due to staff sickness and holidays.

What if my support worker is late?

All support workers are allocated a time to attend your call. Social services allow your call to be either 15 minutes early or 15 minutes late to allow for flexibility.

What if I need to contact you and the office is closed? If your call is not an emergency, please contact the office Monday to Friday, 8:30am- 16:30pm, outside of these hours, we have an out of hours number which can be found in your support plan. Out of hours calls will NOT be answered, but our on-call team will pick up messages during this time. Please only leave a message for emergencies only, and urgent queries of short notice cancellations. All emergencies will be acted upon immediately.

How do I pay, and how much?

Fees will be discussed when your care package is arranged. If you have a social worker, they will inform you if you have to pay, how and how much. For further details, contact your social worker or social services. If you are a private paying client, we will send you an invoice on a monthly basis.

What do I do if I have a complaint or a compliment?

If you are unhappy in any way at all, please contact the office.

It is always encouraging when you feel motivated enough to compliment us or a member of staff. We are happy to receive any compliment in whatever manner you see it.

How can I start my journey with Community Care Team?

If you would like to discuss Community Care Team caring for you then phone 01772 433423 between 8:30am- 16:30pm to book your free consultation.